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RediRig Tackle, located in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded in 1999, and is a manufacturer of patented fishing release floats, instant downriggers, and planer floats. Our products are designed for professional and weekend anglers fishing for stripers, tuna, shark, walleye, flounder, fluke, tarpon, mahi mahi, pike, trout, bass and just about any other species of fish you can imagine. All RediRig Tackle products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Below is a message from our founder and inventor:




My name is Ed Kainec and I'm the inventor of RediRig Tackle.

I conceived the idea for RediRig Release Floats TM while fishing from my small boat in an eastern Ohio reservoir where snags on the bottom were abundant. I knew that fish use and relate to this type of structure because I could see them on my fish finder. I needed a float that I could position and hold my bait just above this bottom debris without ending up with a snag. 

My first RediRig Release Float TM used paper and alligator clips to release the line. The float looked like a Frankenstein Monster, but boy did this thing work! I caught fish after fish with this device!
I later patented this inline method and continue to apply my engineering skills developing other RediRig products that are now used for numerous types of fishing.

Today, RediRig Tackle is located in Cleveland, Ohio where the full line of RediRig products are manufactured. Our mission is to supply our customers with high quality fishing products that are affordable, made 100% in the United States and are full of features. We want to allow the average fisherman to fish like a professional and our inline depth control products are a means of achieving this. Thanks for your support!

Tight Lines Always,

Ed Kainec & The RediRig Crew

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