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RediRig™ Photo Page
Do you have photos you'd like to share with us?  We'd love to see them and share them with the RediRig community.
Email your photos to: *

Be sure to include a brief caption to let us know where you were fishing and how you caught the fish.

*By emailing photos to RediRig, you confirm that you hold the copyright to your pics and by submitting them you give us license to publish them on our websites.
Also, that you have the consent of any person(s) portrayed in the pics you submit to us.

Just put the new Planers to work and boy do they work. Great job! Here's and nice 6pounder, 1 of a limit of 12. Trolled reef Runners and I was amazed at how easy they were to attache to my line and they released everytime. What a joy it was to not have to deal with releasing the planer from my line as I was reeling in the fish. They planed better than any board I've seen. I could turn on a dime and each side speed up or stayed put with no tangles. Great product guys! I'll keep in touch.

Amanda, Streetsboro Ohio

Skamania   King Salmon
My buddy and I tried your new Stealth Planers and had a great day. Here are a couple of pics of him with a Skamania Steelhead and a 21lb King we took out of Lake Michigan. They did a great job and planed perfectly even with a bit of a chop. The Skamania went are born quite a few times and the boards just went along for the ride. It was great not having to deal with removing the board like our old style. I hope to get a few more pics to you of some more Kings. I will be using them for wallye as well. Thanks again.

Dan, Indiana.

This Gar was caught at lake point in lake Eufaula in Alabama it was around 7 foot in length on live bluegill at 42 feet in 45 feet of water on a very windy day. On days like this I find a deep hole and anchor off and let the floats drift off from the boat just above the snags on the bottom and stager them out as much as 100 yards from the boat. Eufaula has plenty of snags from old forest and your floats let you fish just above them with good results.

Gregory Atkinson

French Wels

Last winter I caught  this Wels Catfish ( 1,50m) (4' 10") in the Saone River near Dijon in France, the water temperature was very low ( 8°C , normally it's very hard to caught a Wels under 14°C) 

I caught it with S300 floats on 5 meter depth water (16ft) ( impossible with Bobber Stop on standard Float , but possible with S300 release Float )and a 800gr (1.7 lb) live bait fish. Great product!

David Courtejoie

Striper Sniper 3   Striper Sniper 1   Striper Sniper 3

Here are some redi rig shots. We were fishing a Texas Striper Association Tournament on Cedar Creek in east Tx. We were drifting over a 14 foot hump out of 35 foot of water. We set the rigs up to drift 7ft. When we would pass over the hump they got slammed. We finished 3rd with big fish (hybrid striper) of almost 10 lbs. Two fish total was 16.33lbs. Awesome little rig. Can't wait to try them on a Striper lake!

Team Striper Sniper

I have ordered from you in the past and use Redi Rigs instead of sliding egg sinkers. I fish primarily blue water off the coast of Boca Raton and Stuart Fl. There are multiple advantage of using the Redi Rig her are most of them:

1. Breaks away and gets the sinker next to the fish's mouth so there is no distance between the hook and the sinker.
I use them for fishing live bait (Threadfin Herrings, Sardines, Cigar Minnows, and Blue Runners). My live bait rig has about 6" of #6 wire to the hook and then albrighted to about 8' of 60lb floro or mono with a crimped loop at the end. I attach with a snap swivel and then place the Redi Rig about a 1' in front of the swivel. The small ones (175) sometimes get caught in the terminal tackle. I switched to the smaller models only since I thought if they worked as effectively why not. 

2. Flexibility to quickly change sinker size based on the speed of the current, wind, and depth I want to fish.

3. Can quickly remove when changing locations for another drift which prevents the sinker from swinging around on the rod when relocating.

4. My wife can rig them

5. I can quickly get a bait below "schoolie" dolphins when I find them. The larger ones (8lb +) usually lurk below the schoolies.

I have caught wahoo, cobia, dolphin, king mackerel, bonita, and sharks using the Redi Rigs.

Here is the pic that I was able to find. A 6' sandbar shark. I think the Rig was a 250 which is the only time I ever recall it getting stuck in the terminal tackle so the picture is an anomaly but though you would enjoy.

Tom Hartnagel
Boca Raton, FL

RediRig R250


June 21st,  2011, 30 minutes before sunset :


I caught a record SILURE/WELS European Catfish measuring 1.60 m/5.25 ft long and weighing 70 lbs, standing on the edge of a canal with a RediRig S300 Release Float.


I set the float at a depth of 3.70m/12 ft from a bridge, using a rod with a length of 2.70m/8.8 ft.  For bait I used a live fish measuring  30cm/12 inches placed  8 inches from the bottom, which was easily accomplished using the release clamp of the S300.


To help to hoist the big fish on the canal board, I had to call my son Nicolas and his friend Ben and my wife Laurence who filmed and took pictures.


I have already caught many walleyes, pikes with the same strategy using RediRig P225 and C300.

Patrick Munsch

Top Float Innovations

Virtuose, France

That's my IGFA coworker Jeff and his first swordy ever.. 4 am this morning.. I'm working on 1 hour of sleep... we were fishing with friend Doug, owner of KingSailfish was caught off Hollywood, Florida over 1,100 feet of water. We never weighed it but it was 200+.. using a squid and 24 oz weight under the biggest redi-rig with glow stick taped to it... 300 feet below the boat... worked like a charm Steve... now is the season so expect to see more pics..

Adrian E. Gray
IGFA Production
300 Gulf Stream Way
Dania Beach, FL 33004

I just wanted to thank you for designing the RediRig floats.. I have used them all season from Tuna to Stripers to Fluke and everything in between. They have made my presentation much more effective. I was amazed at how effective they are a presenting baits regardless of the depth needed. One area in particular in which they have upped the catch for both myself and my clients is fluke fishing. The presentation is THE BEST. from deep water with whole squid to back bays with spearing and shreader crab, they are awesome!

Thanks I could go on and on with my live herring fishing, bunker etc. Thanks again and I'll always have RediRig floats on my boats. Almost every client I've had out has asked where to get them at the end of the day, most times before.

Captain Bob Bott
Backlash Sportfishing USA


Barnegat Bay gave up a few of it's nice 15-20 lb Stripers on your floats. Great time had by all. The floats positioned the baits perfectly above the rocks and the fish had no problem taking them. Going back for more tomorrow!

Dave Degannaro
HiFlier Charters

It was the First week in May when I finally got to try out these new products and it was the End of the 2010 run that I reluctantly put them away for my Striper season.


This season I boated and released over 20 fish. ALL were caught using the Redi-Rigs.  The majority was caught using the S300 and live herring while a few were caught using the P400 with cut bait and eels.

Thanks for a great season RediRig!

Capt. Bob Lewis

Fins and Grins Charters




I was fishing 14 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean, east of the St. Lucie Inlet, FL and we were having no luck with top water or sub-surface baits. I remember I had brought along your RediRig "instant downriggers" and immediately sent a bait down to the depths using your product. Well, to make a long story short, the deep rod was the only bait to produce hits for the rest of the day. The best part is, it's ease to use, snap on and send down. I have two electric downriggers on my boat and the RediRig is faster and easier to use.
Thanks for a great product.

Hank Stasiewicz
Hobe Sound, FL


I caught this 28 lb striper this morning testing your RediRig, I was fishing in 80' of water with bait set at 40'. I was using shad for bait. The other shots are from fellow members of The Norfork Stripers Club.

Thomas P. Reynolds
STR Outfitters
Lake Norfork, AR


Dear RediRig,

Just wanted to share with you my recent post from my forum. Enjoy. Thanks for helping me get in the zone.

"Found a nice rip with scattered weeds off the ledge in 400+ ft of water... Dump out the dines and waited... My long line goes off and it felt like a remora... As I get it closer to the boat its a fin...

Handed off the rod to Emmerson to keep the fin in the water as we tossed in more liveys and chunk bait... Emmerson spotted a nice Bull Dolphin down deep but all our efforts to get a lively down there were fruitless...

Then a light bulb went off in my head... Instant Downrigger:...  here's the pics.

Jeff Jones
Port St. Lucie, FL


Went for a fish yesterday and tried the smaller float for the first time. We
were in 25m and floating dead baits about 2m across the top of the reef.
Picture is of a 6kg Samson fish. We also landed two smaller Snapper the same
way. Can't wait to use it with some live bait.

Speak soon.

Greg Taylor
Brisbane, Australia
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