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Order includes 2 planers. 1 port and 1 starboard

Our new Stealth PlanersTM are revolutionizing planer boards. Never fight another board instead of fighting the fish. Our planers use our patented release system allowing the planer to "release" when the fish strikes. Never worry about having someone else take the planer off your line as you fight the fish. It slides back to the fish as you reel it in. Reel it to the leader stop and it comes in the boat attached to your line as you boat the fish. Simple, easy and affordable. Get in the strike zone with RediRig Stealth Planers. Fight the Fish. Not the Tackle!

Large Stealth Planer Floats™

    • Tension adjustable release
    • High visibility colors
    • Color code port and starboard
    • Sits upright even at at stop
    • Weighted bend allows for better turning radius (boards won't bunch up)
    • Rides over waves not like other boards that get drug through them
    • Made of high density foam, marine grade adhesive, shatter proof plastic and all stainless steel mechanisms
    • Made entirely in the U.S.A.
    • Place bait precisely. Run multiple lines off each side and directly off the back of the boat!
    • Use, mono or braided line. Holds up to 4oz of weight or Jet 40 with large lipped stick baits.
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