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Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality, easy-to-use fishing products that are packed with
unique benefits to help anglers get their baits and lures in the strike zone …. and keep them there. RediRig Tackle’s patented release mechanisms allow anglers to spend more time fishing …. and more time catching! 

All RediRig Tackle products are 100% made in the USA.


Striped Bass, Tuna, Shark, Walleye, Lake Trout… Whatever species you target, we have a product for you.  RediRig inline depth control systems enable you to put baits where the fish are without breaking the bank. 
Our patented release systems let you set lures or baits with
precise depth control and ease. Our innovative products put
you in the strike zone for whatever you’re targeting and the
great thing about them is they’re affordable.

RediRig™ Instant Downriggers™ are like having a portable downrigger in the palm of your hand, and they’re extremely easy to use. When rigged with various size sinkers, for drifting or trolling, RediRig Instant Downriggers quickly get your baits in the strike zone. The Instant Downrigger releases and slides freely along the line to a bead stop above your leader after hooking the fish.

RediRig Instant Downriggers are available in two sizes to accommodate weights from one ounce to 16 oz, helping you reach depths up to 200 feet or more.

RediRig™ Release Floats™ let you position your baits at any depth and hold it there, even on a drift or slow troll. The floats attach to your line in seconds without having to tie them to your line. On the hook-set, the pull on line releases the line from the rubber grips then slides freely along your line to a bead stop above your leader, so you can land the fish without stopping to fight the tackle. 


RediRig Release Floats are available from two inches long - perfect for flounder, fluke and striper, all the way up to six and nine inch floats for tuna and shark.

RediRig™ Planer Floats™ allow you to cover more water with more lines. For inland lakes and slow speed trolling (under 2mph) use our TOS Planer Floats. For trolling at higher speeds in bumpy water use our NEW RediRig Stealth Planer Floats. All of our planers incorporate our unique, patented release system that allows you to cover multiple depths.


Run RediRig Planers off  the side of your boat and RediRig Release Floats off the back of the boat. More lines at different depths equal more fish!

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