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An LED lit version our Large Stealth Planer Floats. If you're into the night bite for catching Walleyes or other species, check out our new LED Stealth Planer Floats. (On Large Stealth Planer Floats Only!) Don't hassle with glow sticks and rubber bands. Our LED lights are mounted directly to the planers and with a simple twist there ready to go. Color coded for port and starboard. Battery life is 12hrs giving you plenty of hours on the water. Replacement lithium batteries are available on our website or from many retail outlets.

LED Lighted Large Stealth Planer FLoats™

    • Tension adjustable release
    • High visibility colors
    • Color code port and starboard
    • Sits upright even at at stop
    • Weighted bend allows for better turning radius (boards won't bunch up)
    • Rides over waves not like other boards that get drug through them
    • Made of high density foam, marine grade adhesive, shatter proof plastic and all stainless steel mechanisms
    • Made entirely in the U.S.A.

    Place bait precisely. Run multiple lines off each side and directly off the back of the boat!

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